606509_think_about_it.jpgA copywriter has several avenues open to him or her for the purpose of finding copywriting assignments, but the most popular ones are job boards and job bidding sites. This does not exempt the copywriter from seeking jobs on a local level, but with so options available on the Internet, it’s easier to do your marketing that way instead of going into the local areas and placing expensive advertisements that won’t draw in nearly as many potential clients.

Most of the job boards on the Internet are free to register, but many of them require a paid membership in order to bid on the jobs or see the entire posting. For the copywriter who is just starting out and has little or no cash for advertising, this can be difficult to handle. That leaves the option of having to divert funds from another source in order to join job boards that require payment.

Unfortunately, none of these is guaranteed, so you have to hope for the best. For instance, there is one job board that has a large number of copywriting jobs, but the cost is about $80 for six months. They rope you in by allowing you to see the number of available jobs, and the actual name of the project, but to contact the buyer or even see more information, you have to buy a membership.

Fortunately for the new copywriter, there are a number of inexpensive and free sites where you can bid on projects. Of course, you have to understand, those that advertise free memberships, are not free totally. You can see the projects and bid on them free, but once you win a project, you pay a percentage of the bid amount to the website that is hosting the project.

On the other hands, sites such as iFreelance.com that charge a monthly fee to access the open projects ($5.95, $7.95, $9.95) do not charge a fee when you win a project. Other sites charge a membership fee and charge you a processing fee when you win a project, so you have to conduct your own research and decide which program works best for you.

Be sure to conduct your own research on the various job boards that you locate and decide which ones are best for your needs and budget. You want to note, however, that those that are free until you win a bid usually have a large proportion of buyers who want to pay a fraction of the market value of a project, so you have to be very observant.

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