As a beginning copywriter, you know the jobs are out there. However, finding them at first can be difficult. Breaking into a market where many established copywriters already exist can be even more difficult.

However, you’ve got one great asset on your side – those established copywriters are often extremely expensive! Most webmasters need sales letter tweaked, word arrangements polished, and benefits lists jazzed up, but not all of them have the money to shell out thousands of dollars for a sales letter. In fact, many of them are getting started, just like you!

So, you can use this situation to your advantage!

Begin establishing¬† yourself as a copywriter with killer sales skills by catering to the little guy. Advertise low rates, and be sure to note that you’re only charging these rates for a limited time while you establish your business. Doing so will get clients in the door, and allow you to gain referrals and testimonials. Network on forums to find jobs this way – post a link in your signature file stating that you offer affordable copywriting, with a link to your portfolio or blog.¬† Some good places to start are The Warrior Forum and Site Point,
While you build up your client base, you can also find jobs on bidding sites. Elance, Guru, Get A Freelancer, and Rent a Ghostwriter are all places to possibly find jobs. Keep in mind, however, that many offers may be low paying at first, until you build up a feedback rating. There are also jobs regularly posted in various places across the internet, such as Craigslist and various forums.  The Golden Pencil, a great blog for all types of writers, posts these jobs regularly several times a week.

There are lots of jobs available on the internet, however, networking and applying for them takes time. Be sure to budget your time schedule appropriately, leaving time for networking, forum marketing, and checking job listings on a regular basis. As a freelance copywriter, these are excellent ways to build your client base.

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